Secrets of a Homeschooled Mom

There are many unexpected things that will happen in life but there are a few I honestly thought I would rather give my left foot for than agree to do it. That has happened to me. Some of this story might sound a bit dramatic or even silly but since I’m neither dramatic or silly it’s obviously not either one. They are facts and that is that. Ready to know my dark secret……. We are putting our kids in public school *gasps* now for many of you that probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me it’s like announcing me changing my religion, that’s how important homeschooling is to me. I’ve been wearing sackcloth and ashes since we made that decision. Every diet choice that was good has been forgotten and the house looks like it wants to invite the local mice in for dinner (though I’m hoping to fix that one today… I have an irrational fear of the rodent family being in my house uninvited). I literally woke up the day after we said “okay let’s do this”  and I thought I haven’t woken up this nerves since mom died THAT’S how UNEXPECTED this choice was in my life. Now you might just be wondering why make the choice if it’s giving you such agony. The simple answer is it had to be done the longer answer…. well let’s save that for another day. If i can weed through all the feels I actually have so much peace about this choice. Something just seems right not easy but right. Have you ever had those moments? The moment I knew I was going to marry Isaac felt this way, it was weirdly right after we got in a HUGE fight and I was taking a walk because drama king couldn’t handle talking to me and I just knew deep down inside that we were getting married. Or in the midst of finding out my mom was going to die I just knew super deep down that we were still going to be okay. Different but okay and there would be a lot of beauty in the ashes. Normally those moments are also the moments that I’ve grown the most in life and taken me on grand adventures or the best realizations. I’m actually really thankful for how God has used those choices/moments to teach me some of the biggest things that define who I am today for the good. So though I’m having seriously huge freak outs right now. I do know in my core it’s right for us. Now back to the thought of this is just school why freak out? Well I have really simple and possibly boardline dumb questions…… Like I went to look at lunchboxes and I was like why are they so weird and bulky and strangely expensive?!? What happened to the metal ones? Do kids wear sweatpants to school? How about flip flops? Can they do pb & j or will that put half the class in the hospital? Do we get an acceptance letter by owl or just download the application and fill it out? Regardless of the many questions I might have we are taking the plunge…. Public school I hope you are ready for us!